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More than 35% of the entire global workforce consists of freelancers and the number is projected to only grow. In 2020, Payoneer reported that Pakistan was the eighth fastest-growing freelancing economy in the world with a year-on-year growth of 69 per cent. 🔥 People under the ages of 35 are choosing everyday to shift from traditional full-time roles to freelancing due to the flexibility, authority and increased income earning opportunities available in the freelancing industry. Since more and more people are attracted, competition also get tougher, which is why if you want to start freelancing you need that extra edge. 😉 Asra Rizwan Khan, Founder of OpenMic Pakistan and associated with initiatives like Google I/O and Women TechMakers, has the knowledge to guide the next generation of Pakistani freelancers in the right direction. Her comprehensive course in freelancing walks learners through everything in depth - from building business profiles and portfolios to pricing, business strategies and exploring freelancing platforms. No previous freelancing experience? No worries 💪😎

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Freelancing isn't as simple as people make it out to be. We miss out on the many nuances part of the process, but not anymore. Begin your course with a comprehensive introduction to the outline and its salient features. Also meet your instructor and freelancing expert, Asra Rizwan Khan.

  • What's up? 5min 41sec
  • Course Curriculum 4min 15sec

The options in freelancing quite honestly are a lot, enough to confuse you. Some don't even pay well and who likes being underpaid. Let an accomplished freelancer like Asra help you discover in-demand creative and technical skills for high-paying freelancing gigs!

  • Why should you freelance? 3min 13sec
  • Busting popular freelancing myths 5min 55sec
  • Types of Content Writing 12min 46sec
  • Types of Digital Creative Skills 14min 53sec
  • Types of Technology Skills 10min 48sec
  • Bonus Learning Resources 11min 46sec
  • Assignment 01 Brief 1min 46sec

Explore the significance of focusing on a niche. Why do something you don't like, especially when you're working flexibly as a freelancer and building your own personal brand? Identify which niche or skill you want to work with. Look at different freelance categories and understand long and short term projects with some examples of job postings.

  • Identifying your niche 4min 56sec
  • Types of Job Categories 4min 20sec
  • Types of Freelance Projects 11min 45sec
  • Assignment 02 Brief 33sec

In building yourself as a freelancer you need to work on your own personal brand. Beginner freelancers, especially, have a lot to gain from building audiences and become an authority in a specific niche. Learn how to audit and optimize your social media profiles as a sales funnel and write CVs, resumes, and cover letters that win you gigs, projects, and clients that keep coming back.

  • What is a sales funnel? 3min 47sec
  • Setting up professional emails and URLs 9min 25sec
  • Creating content for your social media presence 11min 26sec
  • Developing successful CVs and Resumes 16min 12sec
  • Assignment 03 Brief 59sec

One of the most challenging tasks as a beginner is building a portfolio. If you've not had prior work, you'd wonder how you can present a portfolio to prospective clients and win gigs. Fret not, let Asra teach you how to build, publish, and share a portfolio with limited work experience. We've all got to start somewhere, right?

  • What is a portfolio? 13min 33sec
  • 4 ways to organize and publish a portfolio 11min 16sec
  • Sharing a portfolio 5min 18sec
  • Assignment 04 Brief 55sec

Learn how to be smart with money - you and your labor deserve to be compensate well. Study different pricing models, when to use hourly or fixed rates, and how milestone-based payments work. Also set an income goal to calculate your hourly rate and learn how to negotiate the best pricing with penny-pinching clients.

  • Pricing models for freelancers 7min 11sec
  • Calculating an hourly rate 14min 28sec
  • Calculating a fixed project rate 10min 51sec
  • Hourly rate or fixed rate? 4min 47sec
  • Understanding milestone or deliverable based payments 3min 59sec
  • Negotiating the best pricing 8min 3sec
  • Assignment 05 Brief 45sec

Explore project management and productivity tools popular amongst freelancers so that you're organized, on top of your game and also on the right platform! Moreover, build effective business processes and set up bank accounts to receive local and international payments.

  • Exploring project management tools 5min 19sec
  • Useful browser extensions and tools 6min 21sec
  • Receiving local and international payments 7min 35sec
  • Preparing business templates and processes 7min 19sec
  • Structuring proposals and onboarding clients 12min 15sec
  • Assignment 06 Brief 1min 5sec

Get familiar with popular and widely-preferred freelancing platforms. See which one works for beginner and professional freelancers, which one you should go for to #success.

  • Exploring 6 freelance platforms 12min 51sec
  • An overview of Fiverr 14min 47sec
  • An overview of UpWork 14min 47sec
  • Assignment 07 Brief 51sec

Scoring your first gig = achievement unlocked! Asra tells how to score gigs without signing up on any freelance platform. Learn about the next steps to immediately take after finishing this course. Get freelancing now, fellow freelancer! 😉

  • Finding your first success 5min 10sec
  • Finding jobs without Fiverr and UpWork 6min 40sec
  • Finding work through online communities 8min 33sec
  • Next steps for your new journey 4min 33sec
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Asra Rizwan Khan

Founder & Strategic Lead @ OpenMic Pakistan

Social Entrepreneur & Innovation Consultant


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This course serves as a checklist to prepare you before you sign up on a freelancing platform or apply for your first job, therefore, it can help you to identify mistakes and teach you how to improve your pitch and portfolio.

You can connect with them on the course Slack channel and engage with them in the live office hours every month.

You can connect with them on the course Slack channel and engage with them in the live office hours every month.

You can connect with them on the course Slack channel and engage with them in the live office hours every month.

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17 enrolled on this course